Care For Cyprus

Care For Cyprus

As Cypriots, let’s be considerate towards our island, preserving its environment, natural habitat, human to human values, natural wellbeing, and be content with simple Cypriot fundamental pleasures, and lastly, upkeep traditional values.

For all those who have travelled extensively, or come from bustling megalopolises, know the experience of peculiar exposures and congestions of big cities, will understand that Cyprus is indeed a serene, unexploited heaven of environmental purity and living solace. 

Therefore, as citizens and residents of Cyprus let’s be responsible for the wellbeing of the island by adopting a responsible attitude in our lifestyles, everyday actions and conduct with the Cyprus environment.

I strongly believe that it is a treat in a global citizens’ sense, that we are able to drive 20 minutes to pristine crystal-clear beaches, untainted by overcrowding, or breath natural fresh air at our everyday environments, share convivial and earnest relations with our co-citizens, effortlessly purchase organic village produce from our grocery stores and eat healthy, non-mass-produced commercial food at any local restaurant.

Just a short note to be responsible and appreciative.