DP World Limassol | Establishing A Key Port Of Choice

DP World

DP World Limassol is celebrating four hugely successful years as the proud operator of the multi-purpose and cruise terminals at Limassol port, and has pledged to continue investing and growing its services over the next two decades to establish it as a key port of choice in the Eastern Mediterranean.

DP World Limassol

In the first four years of its 25-year concession agreement with the Republic of Cyprus, which marked the commercialization of the Limassol port, the company has recorded impressive results, leading to a considerable increase in government revenue from the port’s operations.

DP World Limassol

Overall, the firm has served more than 250 cruise ships and processed the arrival of over 400 thousand passengers in the past four years. In addition to this, in the transit trade arm of the business, the company processed a total of over 3,500 commercial vessels and over 3 million tonnes of cargo.

As a modern global business at the forefront of logistics and smart trade, DP World Limassol is committed to investing in digital solutions that increase efficiency and offer tangible benefits to its staff and customers and partners.

Source: DP World Limassol